Your Biggest competitive Advantage

Digital marketing made easy to understand and use.

Dealer Teamwork Launch Control MPOP

What does it do? The MPOP™ drives high-quality traffic using your transactional data. Instantly publish offers to responsive Smart Landing Pages and paid search ads.

90% of car buyers search online. Help search engines find your relevant content easier and show it to more in-market car buyers. 

"Dealer Teamwork improved the way we manage our digital marketing. I highly recommend dealers use the MPOP™ to manage their marketing!" - Keith McKinzie,

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 Eliminate Wasted Ad Budgets

Launch Control saves you money.

Dealer Teamwork Digital Marketing


The MPOP™ costs less than 3rd party sites and is more effective. Highly relevant campaigns improve Quality Scores by increasing clicks, engagement and conversions rates. The result, paid search marketing budgets decrease.  

"Dealer Teamwork improved our entire marketing process while increasing our results. Every dealer needs to see the MPOP™ - and use it!" - Matt Bottsford - General Sales Manager, Grand Ledge Ford

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relevant Content Drives Better search Results

Gain 100% control of your marketing.

Dealer Teamwork Launch Control Paid Search Campaign


The easy to use editor instantly publishes search ads with lease offers, finance payments, and APR's. Contextual and relevant campaigns convert higher and cost less.

The MPOP™ helps you remain compliant by easily managing OEM disclosures.  

"The MPOP™ helps us respond faster to market changes in our PPC advertising. The simplicity of creating/updating pricing on ad units and the integration into our Adwords is seamless." - Dara Moore, Digital Channel Manager, Rairdon Auto Group

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 100% Transparent Reporting

Understand Your campaign activities 

Dealer Teamwork MPOP SEO


The MPOP™ connects to your own Google Analytics, not proprietary reporting. See how effective your marketing campaigns are with 100% transparency. 

"I can upload specials faster than ever before and it's allowing me to spend more quality time training my team and getting the most out of them!" - Jeff Green, Internet/BDC Director, Thompson Organization

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 High-Efficiency Marketing

Boost engagement and conversions

Dealer Teamwork Lead Management CRM


Update responsive Smart Landing Pages and paid search campaigns in real-time. Manage sales activities, not dead-end marketing efforts. Creates sales opportunities faster with the MPOP™ and stop waiting for OEM offers or ad creative.

"The MPOP™ is hands down the best automotive marketing tool our dealership has ever used. Thank you." - Rick Compton, General Manager, Orlando Hyundai.

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Dealer Testimonials

See why dealers trust the MPOP™ with their marketing campaigns.

"The MPOP™ lets us respond faster to market changes in our PPC advertising. The simplicity of creating/updating pricing on ad units and the integration into our Adwords is seamless. Dealer Teamwork constantly strives to move the needle forward and make a difference in this industry. With the MPOP they have done it."

Dara Moore
Digital Channel Manager
Rairdon Auto Group

"The MPOP™ helps us be more competitive in a difficult market, especially for our Subaru leases. I love knowing that our vehicle offers and prices show up for any make and model search; it's very enticing for shoppers. I don't know of anyone else who can do what Dealer Teamwork does. I'm a big fan of the process and how easy it is to use. This solves a huge problem for us, thank you!"

Ryan Green
Internet Director
Greeley Subaru

"I love this program! We can build new and used car specials so easily using the MPOP™, we're building 30+ specials per month now and it's so fast. Account support has been very helpful. If there is an issue they're on it right away and help fix things immediately - they are awesome!"

Daniel Hodge
eCommerce Manager
Sterling McCall Nissan

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