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Dealer Teamwork BMW Marketing Program

 Deliver Relevant Marketing Instantly

Easiest way to build dynamic and relevant marketing campaigns

Dealer Teamwork is proud to be an exclusive BMW digital marketing partner. BMW Dealers can now use the MPOP™ (Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform) as the preferred method of creating, distributing, and managing relevant new car, used car and service offers in real-time.

You now have access to the most unique, patented marketing technology in the industry. 

MPOP™ New Vehicle Marketing campaigns include:

  • Proactive account management
  • Transparent Google Analytics reporting  
  • Responsive, model-specific landing pages
  • Unlimited responsive email marketing campaigns
  • Paid search campaigns including transactional data
  • 153 ads per new vehicle and 45 ads per used vehicle
  • Easy-to-use live visual editor, featuring the Specials Quality Score

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Best In Class SEO Improve search rankings and drive more in-market buyers
Model-Specific Landing Pages Responsive, engaging pages that convert more shoppers
Show Multiple Offers Leases, Finance payments, APRs, and more!
Real-Time Price Updates Specials Quality Score drives higher quality traffic
Real Pictures and Video Pages with video converts shoppers up to 80% higher
Up To 153 Ad Versions Created Highest relevant ads increase clicks and lower costs


 Easy to understand and use

Manage monthly BMW offers fast and build your advantage

Dealer Teamwork solved the biggest problems associated with managing vehicle and service offers. Updating marketing campaigns is hard. OEM offers arrive late and sales opportunities are missed.

Edit and publish offers to your landing pages, email campaigns, and paid search campaigns. All in real-time in just minutes per vehicle.

  • Select a vehicle from your inventory
  • Add your vehicle's offer data to your models
  • The Specials Quality Score ensures the highest quality ads
  • Publish - it's that easy!

The MPOP™ ensures your vehicle and service offers are seen by more in-market buyers sooner.

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Dealer Teamwork BMW mobile pages

Patented - Proven - Revolutionary Our rapidly growing dealer client base trust the MPOP™ to find new customers.

Dealer Teamwork BMW service offers

 Changing How Digital Marketing is Managed

Automotive's most unique marketing solution

Our mission is to give your BMW Dealership with the most valuable marketing resources your business uses throughout the month.

We make digital marketing easy to understand and use so you can improve and manage your daily operations better. The result is a more engaging and personalized online car buying experience for your visitors.

Your marketing processes will become more effective and efficient when using the MPOP™.

Have questions? Read our FAQs for answers to the most common topics.


Dealer Teamwork BMW Marketing

"We love how the MPOP™ has made it so easy to create an offer and push the info to our website's pages and to our paid search campaigns! The email marketing tool is also very easy to use. I have yet to see any technology that can do what Dealer Teamwork has created. Now our paid search campaigns include the national offers and pricing instantly!"

Robert Sabbagh
General Manager
BMW of Cincinnati North

"Dealer Teamwork is the digital advertising disruptor. Their platform and staff have enabled me to work smart versus hard with results that continue to exceed my expectations. When I onboarded with Dealer Teamwork we started with a budget that was 60% less than our previous agency. Dealer Teamwork yielded a 15% lower bounce rate and 22% lower cost per click."

Jeff Collins
Internet Director
Automax Hyundai Del City

"I love this program! We can build new and used car specials so easily, we're building 30+ specials per month now and it's so fast. Account support has been very helpful. If there is an issue they're on it right away and help fix things immediately - they are awesome!"

Daniel Hodge
eCommerce Director
Sterling McCall Nissan


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