How To Add Custom Thumbnail Images To YouTube Videos

by Eric Miltsch
7/14/2017 - Eden Prairie
Custom Thumbnails is a simple, small detail that can make a major difference! Often times the original thumbnail preview images don't look good. You can add a better image so your video looks even better and helps get more viewers to press the play button.

New MPOP™ Enhancements and Updates July 2017

by Eric Miltsch
7/13/2017 - Eden Prairie
The MPOP™ is rolling out more fantastic improvements this week! Dealers continue to give us so many amazing ideas for the new enhancements and features. Please keep the sharing feedback. We love to hear from you and always appreciate your suggestions! We're eager to share several new enhancements to help productivity, keep everything running smoothly with compliance and ultimately make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Four Ways To Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

by Eric Miltsch
7/5/2017 - Eden Prairie
Your dealership is missing valuable conversion opportunities. It's time to understand why this is happening and get it fixed! Putting effective solutions in place efficiently shouldn't be such a mystery. Let's break down four relatively basic items your website needs to have in place to skyrocket your conversions.

Sean Stapleton Presenting At Internet Battle Plan XXII

by Eric Miltsch
6/29/2017 - Eden Prairie
Sean Stapleton, CEO & Co-founder of Dealer Teamwork, returns to present "How To Use Transactional Data as Your Biggest Competitive Advantage!"

New MPOP™ Enhancements and Updates - Week of June 26

by Eric Miltsch
6/27/2017 - Eden Prairie
The MPOP™ continues to improve with another round of enhancements and features! Your feedback plays such an important role as we strive to continuously improve the entire platform. Please keep the excellent feedback coming, we love to hear from you! We're excited to share several new user enhancements to help you be more productive and make your campaigns even more effective.

Dealer Teamwork Names Kayla Jones Marketing Manager

by Eric Miltsch
6/22/2017 - Eden Prairie
New Marketing Manager To Expand Branding and Product Initiatives.

Dealer Teamwork Appoints Jeff Camozzi as Chief Technology Officer

by Eric Miltsch
6/19/2017 - Eden Prairie
New CTO will lead platform development and market expansion.

10 Marketing Problems Dealers Struggle With Every Month

by Eric Miltsch
6/13/2017 - Eden Prairie
The retail automotive industry is in the early stages of another significant shift - providing the transactional data shoppers need to make a buying decision. Large-scale customer shopping platforms such as TrueCar are a leading indicator of this change as they've already begun their rapid progression towards a transactional data-based shopping platform. This direction should act as a major wake-up call to the entire industry with regards to how car buyers are behaving and what they expect from their online shopping experiences.

New MPOP Enhancements and Updates - Week of May 29

by Eric Miltsch
5/31/2017 - Eden Prairie
Check out the latest enhancements to the MPOP! Every month we make little changes to Launch Control and we don't want you to miss anything! So, we're going to highlight these updates that will help you be more productive and make your campaigns even more effective!

Dealer Teamwork Receives US Patent for Automotive Digital Marketing Technology

by Eric Miltsch
5/31/2017 - Eden Prairie
Dealer Teamwork, a digital marketing pioneer, and automotive industry leader announced this week that it had received a United States Patent for its Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform technology that enables contextual marketing campaigns. Dealer Teamwork's MPOP is a method of creating, distributing, and publishing highly relevant digital marketing campaigns.