3.5 Reasons To See Sean Stapleton's Digital Dealer 22 Session

by Eric Miltsch
3/27/2017 - Eden Prairie
One of the biggest dilemmas automotive conference attendees face is deciding which session to should see. Here are 3.5 great reasons why Sean Stapleton's Digital Dealer session is a must-see session!

Everything You Need To Know About Autonomous Cars

by Eric Miltsch
3/6/2017 - Eden Prairie
Are self-driving cars going to be a part of our lives anytime soon? Is the future really happening that soon? This infographic breaks down where the industry has come from, the current state of activity and a glimpse of what we should expect.

Dealer Poll: Top 5 Dealer Vehicle Offer Marketing Processes - Part 1

by Eric Miltsch
3/4/2017 - Eden Prairie
During Sean Stapleton's recent DealerOn Webinar, "Top 5 Steps To Creating Your Biggest Competitive Advantage", he asked the large dealer audience to describe their current process for marketing their vehicles and their current offers.

Top 10 Must Have SEO/SEM Resources

by Eric Miltsch
3/3/2017 - Eden Prairie
Looking for the best resources and tools to help you learn search engine marketing and optimization strategies? Check out this helpful list of resources.

DealerTeamwork Announces New Partnership with InteractiveTel

by Eric Miltsch
2/25/2017 - Eden Prairie
New collaboration aims to improve car dealer customer interaction tracking and data reporting.

The Ultimate Facebook Image Size Cheat sheet

by Eric Miltsch
2/20/2017 - Eden Prairie
Here's a helpful post for anyone who has ever posted an image on Facebook - and wasn't happy with how the image was cropped in the post.

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Use a Dealership Microsite for Marketing

by Dan Mondello
2/2/2017 - Eden Prarie
For those unfamiliar with what a Microsite is, a microsite is a secondary website typically hosted in one of two ways many use a separate URL from the parent site. I don't recommend using landing pages as a marketing tactic.

Unfair MPOP Advantages: Episode 1 (Become an Offer Leader)

by Dan Mondello
1/31/2017 - Eden Prairie
The ability to quickly update, change, and syndicate pricing and offer messages, on the fly, is essential in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world.

5 Automotive Marketing Predictions For 2017

by Eric Miltsch
1/30/2017 - Eden Prairie
Back again for my annual car dealership predictions post for the retail automotive industry. This year will be defined by a new level of awareness surrounding relevant marketing, the state of accountability and performance, and understanding mobile consumer behavior.

DealerTeamwork Wins 2017 AWA For Marketing Innovation

by Eric Miltsch
1/28/2017 - Eden Prairie
DealerTeamwork is pleased to announce they won a 2017 Automotive Website Award in the Marketing Solutions category for their Launch Control platform.