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You'll learn how Launch Control solves the marketing problems car dealers face each month.


Launch Control helps you:

  Create effective new vehicle offers instantly

  Distribute offers to your landing pages, email campaigns, and paid search campaigns in real-time

  Manage your marketing process quickly with the easy-to-use visual editor.

  Improve the quality of your marketing and get more in-market buyers to see your vehicles. 


Sean Stapleton, Co-founder & CEO, Dealer Teamwork



"Launch Control is hands down the best automotive marketing tool our dealership has ever used. This has completely changed how we market our dealership and our vehicles - and our sales prove it. This has been the only new marketing change introduced to our dealership in 2016 and I couldn't be happier!" 
Rick Compton, Orlando Hyundai General Manager


 Award-winning and patent-pending

Dealer Teamwork makes digital marketing easy to understand and use!


The MPOP changes the way car dealers manage their marketing process. Discover how easily you can add relevance to your incentives and get shoppers to engage with your offers. 

Launch Control makes it easy for search engines to find your ads and show them to more car shoppers looking to buy!



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Orlando Hyundai Launch Control Success Story

Orlando Hyundai uses Launch Control.

See how they increased sales, website sessions, and conversion rates year over year.

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