Dealers using the Launch Control MPOP experience higher quality traffic and improve their marketing results while reducing total ad costs. The responsive landing pages deliver incredible performance on any website platform and are easy to manage.

Explore the unique ways Dealer Teamwork dealers are merchandising and optimizing transactional data to create their biggest competitive advantage.


Lawless CDRJ uses Launch Control to manage their new car, used and service specials to drive higher quality traffic while decreasing their reliance on expensive third party sites. Conversions and leads from their landing pages are at an all-time high! Visit site. 

Lawless CDJR


Mel Hambleton Ford has seen incredible improvements due to the relevancy created by the model-specific and service offer landing pages. Marketing costs have been reduced while sales increased. Launch Control recently contributed to a record 37 units, along with record profits, on a recent Saturday. Their use of video as part of the merchandising process contributes to their ongoing marketing success. Visit site.

Mel Hambleton Ford


Driver's Village has a unique auto mall environment in upstate NY and relies heavily on Launch Control to manage more than 125 vehicle offers across over a dozen brands. Vehicles showcasing multiple lease offers help them drive consistent traffic while continuously improving their marketing processes. Visit site.

Driver's Village


Bob Smith BMW now provides BMW shoppers even more choices. Launch Control lets them feature their latest new vehicle offers side-by-side with their used offers - something their old marketing process didn't allow to happen. The end result is higher engagement rates and a marketing budget which delivers higher ROI due to the lower ad costs. Visit site. 

Bob Smith BMW


Ricart Auto, an auto group with over 4000 vehicles on the ground, and the #1 used car dealer in the country, recently turned on Launch Control to help manage the task of merchandising and optimizing all of their vehicle specials. Their online shopping experience is being transformed to show more offers on vehicles while making it easier to browse the massive inventory. Visit site. Ricart Auto


Proctor Acura sought a new marketing solution to help improve the execution of their progressive marketing approach. Landing pages are updated faster than ever and new offers are featured more effectively. Their newest strategy is to marketing leases to online shoppers using weekly payments and Launch Control helps make this process run seamlessly. Visit site.

Proctor Acura


Apple Valley Ford is one of the original dealers to use Launch Control and they have never looked back. They feature every model, multiple trim levels and consistently update their offers at a pace that keeps them in front of their competition every month. Targeted email marketing and paid search campaigns continue to improve the quality of traffic and conversions, as well as the cost-effectiveness of their efforts. Visit site.

Apple Valley Ford


Morrie's 394 Hyundai keeps their new car offers updated throughout the month using multiple lease offers to power their dealership's competitive advantage. Their entire sales culture has been transformed as they're always prepared to display accurate transactional data to their shoppers across various marketing channels. Visit site.

Morrie's Hyundai


Oak Lawn Toyota relies on Launch Control to quickly deploy lease deals, finance payments, and used car offers faster than ever. Their segmented email campaigns help improve CRM performance every month while their paid search efforts have significantly outperformed every other competitive campaign. Visit site.

Oak Lawn Toyota


Bertera Nissan is one the first Launch Control dealers to rely on the MPOP's ability to help create a steady flow of finance offers for new and used vehicles. The lease and finance pages are among the most active pages on their website and deliver the highest engagement and conversions. Launch Control has become one of the dealership's most utilized and valuable marketing resources. Visit site. 

Bertera Nissan


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