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87% of all vehicles are financed. Dealers need to show lease payments, finance payments, and APRs so car buyers can find them easier.

"The more relevant and precise your ads are to the search query, the more relevant and precise your ads will be to Google and the customers - and the more likely your ads will be clicked on" - Google Search Partners' Guidelines

Instantly publish your offers to responsive landing pages, mobile-friendly email campaigns, and relevant paid search campaigns and increase your sales opportunities!



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You'll see how Launch Control builds highly relevant campaigns - easy and fast!


  Create vehicle and service offers that search engines find and deliver faster

  Publish responsive pages, email campaigns, and paid ads in real-time

  Manage campaigns faster in the easy-to-use live visual editor

  Increase quality traffic from in-market buyers that convert


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Jeff Green DealerTeamwork Dealer  "We've been using launch control for about 6 months and I cannot believe how amazing the platform is. I can upload specials faster than ever before and it's allowing me to spend more quality time training my team and getting the most out of them." 
 - Jeff Greene, Internet/BDC Director, Thompson Organization

 Award-winning and patent-pending

We make digital marketing easy to understand and use

DealerTeamwork is a group of successful entrepreneurs who created automotive's first MPOP. The Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform make digital marketing effective and relevant to help you sell more!


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 Case Study

Orlando Hyundai Launch Control Success Story

See how Orlando Hyundai increased conversion rates year over year by 57% and sold units by 55%.

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