Sean Stapleton
Co-Founder & CEO

Sean  Stapleton

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About Sean

Sean Stapleton entered the automotive software industry by co-founding IMS, which was later acquired by Who’s Calling. He worked as Vice President of National Accounts and as Vice President of Automotive Sales for Who’s Calling, where he defined market expectations for the emerging Call Measurement and Monitoring industry. He later co-founded and established Visible Customer as an automotive market brand.

Sean joined VinSolutions as the Executive Vice President of Sales August 2010. Later named Chief Sales Officer and appointed to the VinSolutions’ Board in 2010, Sean was a key component in executing the next step in the company’s evolution: making the industry aware of its successes and new solutions.

VinSolutions realized growth of 678% under Sean Stapleton, contributing directly to the company being ranked by Inc. 500 in 2010 as the 33rd fastest growing software company and 447th fastest growing company overall, and listed again in 2011, 2012, and 2013! Sean was Chief Sales Officer when purchased VinSolutions in June of 2011. He ultimately became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VinSolutions prior to leaving the company in 2014.

Sean is a highly regarded sales leader and author in many top automotive trade magazines and a respected events speaker. With memberships in all major automotive networking groups, Sean’s expertise, leadership, and successful track record are sought as a consultant and mentor to many.

In addition to his work in the automotive industry, Sean Stapleton works as a major fundraiser for Merrick Inc.,, a non-profit organization whose goal is to empower adults with disabilities through vocational and social opportunities. Sean resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and three children.

Christian Miller
COO/CFO - Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Christian  Miller

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About Christian

Christian Miller is the COO & CFO of DealerTeamwork, LLC. In this capacity, he is responsible for day to day operations of the business and provides general financial oversight. Over the last decade, he has served in executive leadership capacities for some of the fastest growing financial services companies in North America. Christian has an extensive track record leading high growth organizations including the growth of a corporate payments EBITDA by more than 300% over four years making it one of the most scalable payments companies globally.

He has a proven track record of restructuring contracts with key partners resulting in millions in fee reduction and has reduced operational costs by more than 50% multiple times through increased automation and six sigma process improvements. Christian has transformed go to market strategies by focusing on emerging tech solutions that yield greater revenue and increased margins.

As an entrepreneur, Christian has successfully launched several companies including a financial technology company servicing the commercial equipment industry and led the turn-around of an under-performing software business among others.

Christian is also a regular guest speaker at different industry events; he enjoys sharing his experiences and insights to help others improve their professional efforts. His technical background and education include degrees in finance and business management which were earned at the University of Iowa and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Christian resides in Minneapolis, Mn. with his wife and two very active children.

Katie Donovan
CCO – Chief Client Officer

Katie Donovan

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About Katie

Katie Donovan is a highly respected automotive professional with a proven history of success with her customer relationships and the desire to identify new opportunities that provide customers with a data-driven advantage. She is an experienced with driving marketing decisions and creating effective attribution reporting which evaluates effectiveness.

Katie’s industry experiences include some of the with top tier automotive companies such as Visible Customer, VIN Solutions and Who’s Calling. She somehow manages her incredibly productive career and her family including her husband and two lovely children.

Daniel Mondello
Co-founder & CSO - Chief Strategy Officer

Daniel Mondello

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About Daniel

After a decorated career as the Director of Marketing for a prominent MA Auto group, Dan left the dealership world to build DealerTeamwork. Based on the challenges and experiences Dan overcame working for dealerships, DealerTeamwork offers proven strategies, game-changing products, and a revolutionary approach to digital marketing which harnesses both offensive and defensive strategies.

Dan Mondello is a true “Car Guy” – his first word (as a baby) was “Vehicle” and while in college Dan worked part time as a Corvette Restoration apprentice at Ron’s Corvette Restoration in Fitchburg, MA. Dan is a regular contributor to DealerRefresh where he loves to engage with many of the most progressive automotive professionals in the industry. When not creating new and innovative digital strategies, Dan enjoys water skiing, wakeboarding, and relaxing at his lake house in Maine with his family.

Patrick Walker
Co-founder & CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Patrick  Walker

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About Patrick

With 12 years of professional programming experience and 8 years of dealership experience, Patrick has come to perfect system design & development, data architecture & methodology, integration, and report generation. When he’s not programming, you’ll find Patrick gardening, traveling, or spending time with his family.

Eric Miltsch
Co-founder & Dealer Advisor

Eric Miltsch

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About Eric

Eric Miltsch is a successful automotive professional specializing in search, social, & mobile marketing strategies. As one of DealerTeamwork's Co-founders, he drives the brand, marketing, and product communication strategies. He also serves as a Dealer Advisor, working to continuously improve results and user experiences within the platform.

He's been an active member of the retail automotive community for over 10 years and speaks at such events as NADA, DSES, IBP, ReThink at Google and many others. Eric enjoys leading by example educating car dealers and sharing his real-world experiences to help continuously improve their performance. Eric has had the opportunity to consult with dealerships ranging from the largest groups in the nation to NAIDA Top 50 dealers.

His dealership experience includes helping build Auction Direct USA into the #1 Independent Dealership in the USA for three years running; ADUSA was also the #1 fastest growing company in Rochester. He's currently a partner in a new, fast-growing independent dealership which opened in 2015, Auto Outlets USA, and now has three locations in Rochester, NY.

Eric enjoys traveling, keeping up with the latest Martech trends and spending time learning the rules of the road on the race track. He currently resides in Rochester, NY with his wife and two sons.

Brendan Duane
Co-founder & Director of Development

Brendan Duane

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About Brendan

Brendan started at the dealership level right out of college and found a hobby in web development. In about 3 months he became the Lead Designer for a prominent auto group in MA, where he spent the next year working with Dan and Pat. He has a passion for learning new technologies and consistently pushes the limit for design and front end development.

Peter Boesen
Director of OEM

Peter Boesen

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About Peter

Peter Boesen joined The DealerTeamwork Leadership Group after recently completing a twenty-year success journey as Managing Partner of South Bay BMW and South Bay MINI in Hermosa Beach and Torrance, California. Peter's varied background began in Fargo, North Dakota around his Dad's Buick/Honda graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic The University of completing the NADA General Dealership Management being elected to the BMW National Dealer Forum for four being elected to the BMW Sales Advertising Group for twelve years (concluding as Chairman) MINI Dealer Council for three MINI Dealer Advertising Group for six years (concluding as Chairman). Leader is Peter's most acknowledged title!

There is no better adviser to lead you and your company to effective and efficient digital marketing that you will (first) understand and (second) utilize.

In his long history in the Auto Industry, Peter experienced just about every conceivable sales presentation regarding search engine digital marketing aimed at SEO/SEM optimization. Thus, he has developed an uncanny and unique talent in recognizing truthful transactional data that possesses customer relevance, which will maximize a dealerships budget and digital performance. Simply put, does your information convert?!

Peter lives in Redondo Beach, California with his Wife and best friend Stacy as they grow and develop their three cherished Children. He is a well-known mentor in child development (his passion in life, other than skiing deep powder on the slopes) and serves as a board member/consultant to many charitable organizations.

Mark Brodkin
Director of OEM Relations

Mark Brodkin

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About Mark

Beginning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the well known Lower Merion High School (Kobe Bryant) and continuing on to The University of Oklahoma, Mark Brodkin initiated a career in the Apparel and Automotive Industries featuring his highlighting aspects of motivational speaking and personal development guidance that saw Mark take his talents to Miami, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles.

As Mark traveled the entire United States (3 million plus miles), either leading large extensive sales forces or being part owner of companies such as Cover Girl of Miami, Applause, Jonathan Logan's R&K Division, Stay Put/Front Street...later transitioning to Mercedes-Benz and BMW/MINI. (last 15 years)

Mark always was an integral part of huge volume increases accompanied by outstanding and measured personal growth resulting in unsurpassed customer loyalty in an atmosphere of remarkable minimization of consumer attrition. This translated into Brodkin's signature philosophy of significant business principles-- "People do not care what you know until they know you care."; Caring, Integrity, and Execution always lead you to profitable and ultimate success.

Mark lives in the South Bay area of Southern California with his Wife and Partner of 36 years, close to his three Children and four Grandchildren.

James Klaus
Director of Sales

James Klaus

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About James

James Klaus' journey into the automotive industry wasn’t a conventional path. While selling office supplies in Bozeman, MT, the General Manager at a dealership offered him a sales job after experiencing his solid sales skills. James spent the next two years as a showroom sales consultant selling Subaru, Hyundai and Volkswagen vehicles at Montana Import Group.

James made the move to Bozeman Motors Inc. and began selling vehicles at Bozeman Motors’ used car store, Winner Auto. Soon after, he transitioned into sales at Bozeman Motors flagship store, Bozeman Ford Lincoln & RV Center. He quickly established himself as a key salesperson and was promoted to the Assistant Finance Manager position. Shortly after, James was working deals at the sales desk while also leading the role as the Internet Manager.

Then the biggest move of James' career happened, Bozeman Motors created a new position for James to challenge his skill set. He became the eCommerce Director while also working as a Finance Manager and a Sales Manager. During this time James was also responsible for everything ranging from the digital marketing, social media, and the CRM.

James is a proud family man with a wife (Sara) and two beautiful children (Meadow and Rose). He’s also the world’s biggest Detroit sports fan. He was raised in Michigan and his Grandfather worked for a local newspaper in metro Detroit. James is also an avid golfer. The auto industry is in his blood as his other Grandfather worked for Chrysler in Sterling Heights, MI.

Jennifer Briggs
National Sales Manager

Jennifer Briggs

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Briggs is an innovative professional that has had great success implementing processes and strategies in, automotive retail sales, marketing, manufacturing, and technology companies, constantly pushing progress and goal achievement to the next level.

She has 15 years experience Retail Management. Has received 3 National Awards for innovative digital sales, marketing, and management strategy; one of which was a spot in the Automotive News 40 Under 40 Retail Class of 2015 of top producers in Automotive under 40 years old.

Jennifer brings a strong background in technology and it's integration capabilities to improve operational efficiency. Participating in research and development of many industry specific technologies, in both Retail Automotive and the Manufacturing space. Experienced in building SAAS models, and custom solutions.

As National speaker, trainer, and consultant who is a subject matter expert for Digital Marketing she enjoys educating the industry on important topics such as BDC, Data Mining, and Sales Strategy in the Retail Automotive industry.

Jennifer is also involved with the Women in Automotive Conference and mentoring new students in the Northwood University automotive program. She enjoys spending as much time as possible with her two sons and living the active and supportive life of a basketball Mom!

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