Meet The Team

Client Services

Carly Bjorgan - dedaler Teamwork

Carly Bjorgan
Account Executive

Michael Boucher-Dealer Teamwork

Mike Boucher
Client Services Manager

Jack Broderius-Dealer Teamwork

Jack Broderius
Search Manager

David Crane - Headshot - Dealer Teamwork

David Crane
Account Executive

Dealer Teamwork

Trevor Corcoran
Digital Media Coordinator Intern

Kristin Edwards - Dealer Teamwork

Kristin Edwards
Account Executive

Amanda Enstad-Dealer Teamwork

Amanda Enstad
Director of Media Strategy 

Joyce Ernst - Headshot - Dealer Teamwork

Joyce Ernst
Client Services Manager

Mike Foster OG Image-Dealer Teamwork

Michael Foster
Search Manager

Evan Hardman-Dealer Teamwork

Evan Hardman
Search Executive

Joel Heiland-Dealer Teamwork

Joel Heinen
Client Services Manager

Lisa Hockstead-Dealer Teamwork

Lisa Hockstad
Account Executive

Emily Jorgenson-Dealer Teamwork

Emily Jorgenson
Quality Assurance Manager

Bret Larson-Dealer Teamwork

Bret Larson
Account Executive

Joline Lewis-Dealer Teamwork

Joline Lewis
On-Boarding Manager

Josh Malone-Dealer Teamwork

Josh Malone
Manager of Search Operations

Sam McCormick - Dealer Teamwork

Sam McCormick
Social Media Coordinator

Sebastian Netland-Dealer Teamwork

Sebastian Netland
Search Manager

Kaitlyn Rodriguez-Dealer Teamwork

Kaitlyn Rodriguez
Account Coordinator

Nathalie Rodriguez-Dealer Teamwork

Nathalie Rodriguez
Client Services Manager

Benny Rohloff - Dealer Teamwork

Benny Rohloff
Account Manager

Randy Rubin-Dealer Teamwork

Randy Rubin
Account Executive

Franz Tadych - Headshot - Dealer Teamwork

Franz Tadych
Search Manager

Ellie Tyson-Dealer Teamwork

Ellie Tyson
Client Services Manager

Bronson Wright - Dealer Teamwork

Bronson Wright
Account Executive


Mark Brodkin-Dealer Teamwork

Mark Brodkin
Named Account Sales Support

Collin Hardman-Dealer Teamwork

Collin Hardman
Sales Executive

Mike Q - Dealer Teamwork

Mike Quinn-Arradondo
Sales Executive

Brian Voss-Dealer Teamwork

Brian Voss
National Sales Manager


Joe Friedrichsen OG Image-Dealer Teamwork

Joe Friedrichsen
Marketing Specialist

Kayla Jones-Dealer Teamwork

Kayla Jones
Marketing Manager

Product & Quality Assurance

Julian Hommeyer-Dealer Teamwork

Julian Hommeyer
Quality Assurance Analyst

Kerri Jorgenson-Dealer Teamwork

Kerri Jorgenson
Product/Quality Assurance

Richard Simard - Dealer Teamwork

Richard Simard
Inbound Product Manager


2020.03.03 Cassidy Foust headshot - Dealer Teamwork

Cassidy Foust
Software Developer

Josh Jorgensen-Dealer Teamwork

Josh Jorgenson
Systems Engineer

Teagan Nouska-Dealer Teamwork

Teagan Nouska
Developer II

Atticus Pomerantz-Dealer Teamwork

Atticus Pomerantz
Developer II

Amy Richardson-Dealer Teamwork

Amy Richardson
Associate Lead Developer

Edmund Wippler headshot - Dealer Teamwork

Edmund Wippler
Senior Software Developer

Accounting & Finance

Brandy Meyer-Dealer Teamwork

Brandy Meyer
Billing Specialist

Michael Rodriguez-Dealer Teamwork

Michael Rodriguez
Senior Financial Analyst


John Cunningham-Dealer Teamwork

John (J.C.) Cunningham
Operations and Contract Manager