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See What Dealers Can Do with the New MPOP™ Facebook Share Feature

by Mike Foster


At Dealer Teamwork, we recently added a new feature to the MPOP™. With just a few clicks, the Facebook Share feature lets dealer’s instantly build and share MPOP™ created offers on their company Facebook page. We are loving the results we’re seeing from our dealers who have been putting this feature to use!

One dealer that has stood out is West German BMW. Stephanie Cesarini, Head of Strategic Marketing, has already found creative ways to utilize the Facebook Share feature to the fullest.

Let’s take a look at what Stephanie accomplished on her first run with MPOP™ Facebook Share…

After creating a special on a 2017 3 Series 320i, Stephanie decided to share the special on the West German BMW Facebook page. 

"Here are the results from our first Facebook share directly from the Dealer Teamwork website. I boosted the post for 30 dollars and it reached 2,322 people and got 86 clicks! This was all during a 7-day period. Great feature!" said Stephanie.

Not only did the Facebook Share tool help West German BMW easily share their MPOP™ created offers to their Facebook page, it also helped them drive more, high-quality traffic to their site at a low cost with highly relevant content and transactional data.  The cost-per-click was $0.35, and Dealer Teamwork Facebook Share was the 4th highest source of traffic to their website sure that 7-day period.

Now, what happens when we look at the behavior of those users after they were linked from Facebook? Through the centralized content distribution nature that MPOP™ Facebook Share provides, we know two things.  One, the content is highly relevant and optimized to convert because of the Specials Quality Score feature in the MPOP™ merchandising tool guides dealers to build offers to the highest quality.  Two, the user experience is consistent and engaging because MPOP™ Facebook Share links your offer to the matching model-specific Dealer Teamwork landing page.

Looking at the dealer’s Google Analytics confirms our hypothesis.  When users arrived onto the West German BMW website from Facebook, they had an average session duration (time spent on page) of 1:11. They also visited an average of 2.41 pages during those sessions.  These visitors didn’t just bounce off the site, they stayed around and looked at more content.

On just her first attempt at utilizing the MPOP™ Facebook Share feature, Stephanie was able to drive more high-quality, engaged users to their website.  Keep up the great work Stephanie! We are excited to see what you and the rest of West German BMW can continue doing to empower your digital marketing, using the MPOP™.

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