Dominating Territory with First-to-Market Merchandising

Refining a top BMW dealership’s mobile paid search strategy leads to ground-breaking performance and tangible ROI with store visit conversions.

Coon Rapids CDJR Case Study

Coon Rapids CDJR has long maintained top dealership status in their region, but a year-long construction project restricing half of their lot was an opportunity fo other dealers to encroach on their terrioty. By partnering with Dealer Teamwork, Coon Rapids CDJR was able to maintain their top spot, even at a merchandising disadvantage.

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7% CTR for New Vehicle Campaigns

7.0% Clcik Through Rate for New Vehicle Campaigns

$2.97 avg. cpc

$2.97 Avg. Cost per Clcik for New Vehicle Campaigns

1.9 avg. position

Avg. Position of 1.9 for New Vehicle Campaigns


  • 1.9 avg. position ensured that Coon Rapids CDJR reached customers on mobile
  • A CTR that is 75% higher than the industry average
  • Campaigns for the top 4 selling models saw an average impression share of 71%

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See what Jack Shimota from Coon Rapids CDJR had to say about these results: 

"After seeing the clean layout of Dealer Teamwork's model-specifc landing pages and the level of relevancy and quality afforded by the MPOP™ tool, I knew I needed to explore this opportunity. From my first call on, the staff had such enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help our store achieve our goals, that I knew this would be a true partnership. We have also never had so much control and ease of customization when it comes to our offers management."
Jack Shimota - Coon Rapids CDJR
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