• General Guidelines/Details
    • No purchase necessary.
    • Offer valid in the United States.
    • Total value of the prize is $15,791 ($5000 paid search budget over 90 days, plus 3 months of MPOP™ New Car Marketing at $1599 per month, 3 months of MPOP™ Used Car Marketing at $999 per month and 3 months MPOP™ Service Marketing at $999 per month).
    • There will be one prize distributed.  All participants in the drawing have an equal chance to win the prize compared to the number of entries.  There is a limit of one entry per participant.
  • Eligible Candidates
    • New clients are eligible.
    • You must be a new vehicle/OEM franchise dealer in the United States to win (any OEM sold in United States).
  • Terms and Conditions
    • There is a 90-day commitment and use of MPOP™ New, Used and Service Car Marketing is included during the 90-day offer period.
    • If you choose to stay with Dealer Teamwork after the 90 days, regular pricing goes into effect.  Any additional Dealer Teamwork products not included in the prize are available at the expense to the dealer, but it is not required that the dealer utilize any additional products.
    • Winner is chosen at random at the end of the Digital Innovators Summit event hosted by Dealer Teamwork at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Las Vegas on 3/21/2018, and you must be in attendance to win.
    • The $5000 paid search budget will be spent according to Dealer Teamwork’s strategy suggestion but will align with any OEM or co-op requirements.
    • You must run your paid search through Dealer Teamwork’s AdWords MCC.
    • You must agree and sign a release that allows Dealer Teamwork to conduct a case study on the performance of your paid search and website after the end of the 90 days – this will require collection of data points from Google AdWords and Analytics to use as benchmarks up front.
    • Dealers that sign up through special OEM or Shift Digital programs are not eligible to receive this offer.
    • The offer is subject to execution of a standard Dealer Teamwork client contract. 

Sponsored by Dealer Teamwork, LLC.  7500 Flying Cloud Drive, Suite #400, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

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