Optimize Your Dog Walking Experience

Leash control - MPUP

The Leash Control MPUP Is Finally Here.

What does it do? The MPUP - Multiple Puppy Outing Platform solves all of the problem associated with manging your daily puppy walking activities amid your hectic professional lifestyle.

This unique puppy walking solution changes the way you walk your puppies while staying connected with your Facebook celebrity status at all times. 

"The MPUP transformed me from an amatuer puppy walker into a rockstar literally overnight! I have never been so in-tune with my puppies - and my social network. Pawsitively awesome!" - Micah Berkholtz

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 Eliminate Wasted Walks

Leash Control - MPUP

Leash Control saves you times and money.

It may seem far-fetched, but Leash Control® costs less than any other leash management system and is more effective due to ability of MPUP Fetch-Engine. Regular leash systems make daily walks ruff - and they don't need to be anymore. Several independent Lab reports have verified the quality of the puppy walks and the overall effectiveness of the Leash Control® management system.

The innovative Dog-cam integrates with your existing Google Padwords. Ask your Vet for details.

"I can't believe how much time I wasted on innefective dog walks - I was going mutts finding a better solution!" - Mike Boucher

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 Unlock your petworking potential

Leash Control - MPUP

Stop Using Paw-ful Leash Solutions.

The easy to use, MPUP solution will instantly change your outlook on walking puppies and staying connected - furever. Train, communicate, navigate and publish in a way never experienced while on long walks, alone, with several puppies. Furtunately, Leash Control® is now available to the public!

This offur won't last long and may be gone by April 2nd, 2017.

"Lease Control is pawsitively awesome. My puppies listen better and I also gained 79 new twitter followers in the first week alone! It was so hard before, the puggle was real." - Brendan Duane

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 Instant claws and effect

Leash Control - MPUP

Unlock Your full Pet-ential 

Leash Control® is the connected IOT device you've been looking for! Before, it was impawsible to keep track of multiple dogs, their schedules, and your own hectic selfie-taking social media lifestyle. This is the furst MPUP solution to hit the market and it's so diffurent than anything you have ever seen.

"I can manage my personal schedule easier while optimizing my puppy-walking experience like never before. What is this magic? This is pawsibly the greatest device I have ever seen!" - Josh Malone

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