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Enhance Your Email Marketing Performance

One of the most underutilized marketing channels is the one car dealers "own" - their email marketing channel. Because shoppers rely on mobile devices, the ability to send personalized content via email is essential to positive ROI. Dealer Teamwork recommends dealers create real-time, mobile-friendly email campaigns using MPOP™.

DealerTeamwork Email Campaigns

Key Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing can be at least 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. 72% of people prefer to receive promotions via email, compared to 17% for social media.

Segmented email campaigns can provide up to 30% higher ROI compared to direct mail. Nearly 65% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

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Key Email Marketing Predictions

Email marketing will thrive in 2019. Dealer Teamwork places a high priority on this activity and strongly recommends dealers increase their email marketing activity. Offers and transactional data will improve the quality of website referral traffic, drive higher engagement, and increase conversions.

Top Email Predictions

  1. Personalized and segmented email campaigns will be a hot performer. Relevant emails drive 18% more revenue than broadcast emails.
  2. Shoppers prefer promotional offer emails 61% of the time,
  3. Marketers will seek alternative solutions to create relevant campaigns faster while improving campaign measurement.
  4. Mobile email campaign open rates will top 65% for the first time. (in 2016, 33% of emails were opened on an iPhone; Gmail 15%; 10% on Android)

*Data via Google ReThink, WordStream

See It In Action

Proven. Revolutionary. Trusted. See why dealers trust the MPOP™ to find new customers.

"We have used the MPOP™ since the beginning, it's the complete SEO/SEM solution for us. I can't stress how important it for us to create an offer, push that offer to our paid ads and bring the buyer to a page with the exact offer and a bunch of other great information too! I have been asking for a solution like this forever and now we have it. It's crazy to think someone wouldn't want a solution like this!"

Jereme Erlandson
Internet Director
Bertera Nissan

"We've been using the MPOP™ for about 6 months now and I cannot believe how amazing the platform is. I can upload specials faster than ever before and it's allowing me to spend more quality time training my team and getting the most out of them."

Jeff Green
Internet/BDC Director
Thompson Organization

"Nothing compares to the MPOP™! I like how simple it is to fill in the offer information in a professional and attractive manner. It looks like I spent hours on something that took minutes. I also like that I can see Dealer Teamwork expanding and progressing every day. I know that if I ever ran into an issue, someone would be answering my call to fix it."

Thomas Eggers
Internet Director
Nyle Maxwell Supercente

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