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MPOPvision - Dealer Teamwork

MPOPvision® Is Finally Here!

What does it do? 

MPOPvision® instantly shows you a vehicle's price and its current lease and finance offers! Put on the stylish Dealer Teamwork MPOPvision® smart glasses and ask "How much is that car?" and the offers will instantly appear!  

This is the pinnacle of voice search combined with augmented reality. What a great time to be alive!

  • Every car on the road can help you sell even more cars!
  • Target your offers on specific vehicles and key locations! 
  • Expand your dealership's presence with only ARO Automotive Marketing Technology (Augmented Reality Optimization) 

"I saw a car, fell in love with it, and wanted to buy it! My MPOPvision® glasses showed me the price and instantly connected me with the dealership - this is AMAZING!! - Evan Hardman

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 See it. Price It. Buy It.

MPOPvision - Dealer Teamwork

MPOPvision® - The First Augmented Reality Car Buying Solution! 

MPOPvisionl® lets shoppers put their phones down and shop anywhere! Any car and truck on the road can help you market your current offers. 

Your latest offers published via the MPOP™ are instantly pushed out to the makes and models your dealership sells. Our sophisticated technology automatically identifies current vehicles using the data layers already encrypted into all new vehicles. 

The glasses read an untapped data set and display your vehicles onto a seamless augment reality layer over a specific vehicle. 

"I still can't believe how awesome this is!! I priced out three different cars last week when I went to the grocery store! Plus, I look really good in these glasses!" - Mike Boucher

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 The Future Of Car Shopping Is Here!

MPOPvision - Dealer Teamwork

Your Dealership Can Be Everywhere!

Getting started with the easy to use MPOPvision® augemented reality solution begins with the flip of a switch. Then, start distributing the stylish MPOPvision® sunglasses to all of your customers. A limited amount of glasses will be available for FREE!

Dealer Teamwork has also partnered with select OEMs to begin dsitributing the glasses at dealership distribution hubs and via online channels as well. 

The free offer ends April 2nd, 2018.

"I'm don't know all the names of Jeeps, but I know what I like. It's hard to search for an SUV online when I don't the models. Now, I just ask my glasses. I saw a new Jeep the other day, went for a test drive and bought it right away! " - Hope Wanzek

  • Brands currently available: BMW, MINI, Kia, Hyundia, Ford, GM, Chrysler
  • Brands slated for Q3, 2018: Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan
  • Picture and video recording functionality slated for Q4, 2018

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 Dealer Teamwork Does It Again!

MPOPvision - Dealer Teamwork

See Your Dream Car and Price It Instantly! 

MPOPvisionl® is the first smart glasses solution to display an entire layer of transactional data onto the real world. This is the first AR solution to hit the reatail automotive market. Nothing comes close.

  • Save up to 88% more time by shopping via MPOPvision® glasses
  • Buyers can instantly connect with a dealership
  • 100% of beta users were blown away with by this incredible technology - and they can't wait to see the newest features! 

"Holy cow! This is simply amazing! This is the only way I will every shop for car prices ever again!! It's light years ahead of any smart glass solution. This is what Google Glass should have done!" - Josh Malone

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