MPOP™: A Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform.

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See how adding MPOP™ Paid Search to your specials can increase your organic search results  here.

Quality vs Quantity

How Paid Search Campaigns Should Work.

Search campaigns powered by transactional data attract more in-market buyers. Your ads will stand out in searches with the highest visibility and relevance by showing payments, leases and prices.

MPOP™  campaigns update offers automatically in real-time. No manual edits in Photoshop or waiting for updates from your current provider. Finally, you're in charge of your marketing.

Ads should link to responsive landing pages with relevant content. When ads are linked to relevant content your cost per click (CPC) typically goes down while ad positions increase.

This improves engagement, conversion, click volume and your ROI.

Current solutions don't allow this level of control, transparency and relevance. They are only designed to make your agency or vendor more money, not your dealership.

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The MPOP™ Delivers Results

Create quickly. Deliver quality.

Effective and relevant paid search campaigns can significantly improve your performance.

Create, distribute and manage paid search campaigns with Expanded Text Ads that deliver more context and get more clicks.

Deliver up to 184 model-specific ads in each campaign for more opportunities to answer shoppers' questions and drive quality traffic to your website.

See It In Action

Search Text Ads

Proven. Revolutionary. Trusted. See why dealers trust the MPOP™ to find new customers with paid search.

"We have used the MPOP™ since the beginning, it's the complete SEO/SEM solution for us. I can't stress how important it for us to create an offer, push that offer to our paid ads and bring the buyer to a page with the exact offer and a bunch of other great information too! I have been asking for a solution like this forever and now we have it. It's crazy to think someone wouldn't want a solution like this!"

Jereme Erlandson
Internet Director
Bertera Nissan

"We received extra funds from the OEM to put towards Jeep Renegade and RAM 1500 campaigns. I knew if we wanted to conquest sales in our region, we had to fish where the fish are with the bait the fish want. That's why we made the strategic decision to put all the money towards Dealer Teamwork paid search campaigns. As a result, we sold 100% more cars than five other area dealers combined." 

Keith McKinzie
GM & Dealer Operator
Sonju Two Harbors

"Nothing compares to the MPOP™! I like how simple it is to fill in the offer information in a professional and attractive manner. It looks like I spent hours on something that took minutes. I also like that I can see Dealer Teamwork expanding and progressing every day. I know that if I ever ran into an issue, someone would be answering my call to fix it."

Thomas Eggers
Internet Director
Nyle Maxwell Supercenter

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