Ford Digital Marketing Co-Op

The MPOP® is Ford Co-op approved!

Dealer Teamwork - Ford Digital Marketing Co-op

Get the most out of your Ford digital marketing co-op!

As of July 2018, Ford Co-op funding doubled from .25 to .50 points per vehicle. Average Co-op increased from $90 to $180 per vehicle. Digital spending requirements for dealers increased from 50% to 75%.*

Increases leads to your dealership and lowers your budget

What does this mean for the average dealership? It means the Average Digital Co-op increased from $45 to $135 per vehicle, a $90 increase per vehicle! This means a dealership selling an average of 100 new vehicles per month will receive an average of $9000 worth of additional Digital Co-op per month!** Imagine the results could see in paid search with this enhanced Digital Co-op.

How can your Ford dealership make the most of this increased budget?

*Ford Communications: EFC064981, 4/24/18. EFCo6569, 5/29/18.
**Results based off 100 new vehicle sales per month under new Ford Digital Co-op, as of 7/1/18. 

The MPOP® changes the way digital marketing is managed.

Dealer Teamwork is honored to serve the Ford dealer network with the most dynamic marketing platform available. Dealers using the MPOP® have greater control over thieir marketing efforts. The results speak for themselves and dealers love what they see.

Dynamic Ford digital marketing campaigns that drive more sales opportunities.

Dealer Teamwork is proud to be an exclusive Ford Direct marketing partner, and we are co-op approved! Ford Dealers can now use our patented MPOP® – a Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization Platform – as the preferred method of creating, distributing and managing relevant marketing campaigns.

Leverage the power of centralized content distribution

Ford Digital Marketing Features Include:

  • New, Used and Service Marketing
  • Responsive, Model-Specific Landing Pages
  • Unlimited, Mobile-friendly Email Campaigns
  • Dynamic Paid Search Campaigns with Transactional Data
  • Facebook Share
  • Cruise Control – Automated Offer Generator
  • Transparent Google Analytics Reporting
  • Proactive Google and Bing Certified Account Management
Dealer Teamwork - Ford Digital Marketing Co-op

Ford dealers trust the MPOP® to power their campaigns.

Dealer Teamwork - Ford Digital Marketing Partner

Works seamlessly with your current marketing platforms

Adding the MPOP® is easy. It works with all website and CRM solutions.  We help solve the biggest problems associated with creating, managing and distributing your current vehicle and service offers.

Implementing the MPOP® is easy and hassle-free

We make Ford digital marketing easy to understand and use so you can manage your daily operations better.  The result is a more engaging and personalized online car shopping experience that helps buyers make decisions faster – and more sales opportunities for your dealership.