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As a certified Bing Partner, Dealer Teamwork also has a direct line to the search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) experts at Microsoft, so we can advocate for the unique needs of automotive dealers with regards to digital marketing. We also require all client facing staff to pass Bing certification exams before handling your dynamic landing pages or digital advertising campaigns, to provide you the best service and results.

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Dealer Teamwork - Certified Bing Partner

What's a Bing Partner?

“At its core, the program is a relationship between Bing Ads and the most qualified Agencies, Channel Partners and Technology Partners in the advertising industry.” – Bing

As a certified Bing Partner, working with Dealer Teamwork affords clients the following exclusive benefits…

  • Bing Certified Account Management and Search Management
  • Fast access to Bing support through Dealer Teamwork
  • Beta product participation opportunities
  • Access to exclusive events and webinars from Bing

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Supported Social Media Marketing Products & Services

Facebook Share Icon

Facebook Share

  • Post MPOP® offers directly to Facebook
  • The MPOP® builds the post, pulling in photos, transactional data and the corresponding landing page
  • All you need to do is quickly look it over, make any tweaks and publish!
Facebook & Instagram Retargeting Ads Icon

Facebook & Instagram Retargeting Ads

  • Facebook / Instagram Carousel Ad Format
  • Dynamically serve ads to previous visitors to your website
  • Based on visitors to Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages & VDPs
  • New & Used Vehicle Campaigns
Facebook & Instagram Catalog Marketing Icon

Facebook & Instagram Catalog Marketing

  • Facebook / Instagram Carousel Ad Format
  • Targets new audiences & drives traffic to your Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages
  • New & Used Vehicles Campaigns
Facebook & Instagram Reporting Icon

Facebook & Instagram Campaign Reporting

  • Reporting on Facebook & Instagram performance, i.e. Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Reach, Frequency, etc.
  • Reporting ties into actions taken on your website, i.e. Landing Page Views, Website Conversions, Leads
  • Cost-per-lead helps to evaluate ROI of campaigns