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Connect with more ready-to-buy shoppers on Facebook Marketplace!

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List current used vehicle offers automatically

If you already make used vehicle offers in the MPOP® it takes no extra work to syndicate your current used vehicle offers to Facebook Marketplace!  When the integration is set up, your current used vehicle offers are automatically pushed to Facebook’s listing site, Marketplace, free of charge!

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Make more connections with ready-to-buy car shoppers

Listing your used vehicle offers on Marketplace is a no-brainer!  Your inventory gets in front of car shoppers who are in-market now.  The integration also makes it easy for car shoppers to connect with your dealership in a comfortable setting according to their communication preference.

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Convert more car shoppers into car buyers

Marketplace listings help shoppers connect with your dealership fast and easy!  Shoppers can chat through Facebook’s native messenger app or can click-to-call your dealership.  In fact, many dealerships find the quality of leads to be much higher than other digital methods because it’s a chance to instantly talk with shoppers about specific vehicles of interest!

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Facebook Marketplace Features & Integrations

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MPOP® Used Vehicle Marketing

  • Used vehicle offers automatically populate in your Facebook product catalog (which populates your ads)
  • Used vehicle offers automatically update in Marketplace (as often as daily)
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Dynamic Social Media Marketing

  • Product / Vehicle catalog set-up
  • Finance payments, terms & down payments pull into Marketplace listing descriptions
  • Daily reporting on views & leads included 1

Frequently Asked Questions – Facebook Marketplace Integration

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient destination for people to discover, buy and sell items. People can find what they’re looking for by filtering their results by location, category and price. By listing on Marketplace, you can reach car buyers where they’re already shopping.

For car dealerships, Facebook Marketplace offers a dedicated discovery and search experience designed to help people find their next vehicle and to help local dealerships reach the millions of people who are already looking for used vehicles on Marketplace every day.

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How does Facebook Marketplace with Dealer Teamwork help my dealership?
  • Use the power of the MPOP®’s automation to push all your current used vehicle offers to Marketplace in real-time
  • Reach more used car buyers by appearing to millions of people where they’re already browsing used vehicle listings
  • Improve customer service & response times by responding quickly to interested buyer questions with Facebook Messenger
  • Show useful information to shoppers who can click to view details like price, model and mileage
  • Reach car shoppers on-the-go using mobile-friendly vehicle listings specially formatted for phones
  • No listing fees or commission mean you don’t have to worry about paying Facebook to list your used vehicles.
  • Transparent, daily reporting on views & leads included is available to you courtesy of Dealer Teamwork to make evaluating your performance easier.  Dealer Teamwork compiles reporting directly from your Facebook Marketplace catalog. 1

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How Does the MPOP® Integrate with Facebook Marketplace?

The MPOP® syndicates all of your used vehicle offers to Facebook Marketplace the same way the platform currently pushes your new and used vehicle and service offers to your various digital marketing channels in real-time.

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How Much Does Facebook Marketplace Cost?

Facebook Marketplace is a free service and does not have any listing fees or commissions.

The MPOP® integration with Facebook Marketplace is included in the MPOP® Used Vehicle Marketing package. If you’re already using Used Vehicle Marketing, you’re eligible to integrate with Facebook Marketplace today!

If you don’t have Used Vehicle Marketing and would like to add it to your package, contact your Account Manager.  If you are new to Dealer Teamwork, reach out to our Sales team here.

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How can I sign up for Facebook Marketplace with Dealer Teamwork?

Current clients should work with their Account Manager to get set up. New clients should work with our Sales team to get set up with a package including Facebook Marketplace.

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Can I Use Multiple Inventory Listing Partners?

You can, but Facebook advises against it. Facebook recommends that you only work with one inventory partner. If you work with more than one partner, you may receive fewer leads overall from Marketplace.

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1 Reporting updates are typically available every 24-36 hours from Facebook to Dealer Teamwork in regards to Facebook Marketplace.  Facebook provides stats on listing views, messages about the vehicle and clicks to your dealership phone number.