What Is The MPOP®?

Automotive's most dynamic marketing platform!

MPOP - Digital Marketing Software, Dealer Teamwork

What is the MPOP®?

The MPOP® stands for a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform.  This patented marketing platform helps car dealers to create relevant content and syndicate it consistently across their digital marketing channels.

How does it work?

  1. Inventory feeds are pushed into the platform
  2. New vehicles, used vehicles and fixed operations services are merchandised
  3. Offers are published to the dealer’s website and digital marketing channels in real-time

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How will the MPOP® help my dealership?

The MPOP® makes it easy to merchandise your vehicles and products and services, then distribute your content to search engines so shoppers can find it faster.

The patented Specials Quality Score shows the missing items that help improve engagement and conversions.

Your vehicles are merchandised correctly with the quality score indicator.

  • Website and ad campaigns always have current offers and prices
  • Relevant content drives higher quality traffic and sales opportunities
  • Greater control and speed to market
  • Generate lead opportunities that cost less
  • Eliminate wasted ad spend so you can earn more
  • Consistent price messages pushed to all marketing channels
  • Track ROI easier from leads forms, phone calls, and in-store visits*

*Google in-store visits may not be available for your store. Ask your account manager for details.

MPOP® Integrations

MPOP® New Vehicle Marketing

  • MPOP® New Vehicle Merchandising Tools
  • Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Leader Board & Model / Trim Specific Landing Pages
  • Synced with Campaigns

MPOP® Used Vehicle Marketing

  • MPOP® Used Vehicle Merchandising Tools
  • Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Leader Board & Body Style Landing Pages
  • Synced with Campaigns

MPOP® Service Marketing

  • MPOP® Service / Fixed Ops Merchandising Tools
  • Dealer Teamwork Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Leader Board & Service Specific Landing Pages
  • Synced with Campaigns

Dynamic Paid Search Marketing

  • Google Ads/Bing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Dynamic and standard ad formats
  • Remarketing Advertising
  • Google Display Network
  • Gmail Display Advertising

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook & Instagram Retargeting (Dynamic Ads)
  • Facebook & Instagram Product Catalog Carousel Ads
  • Automated Facebook / Instagram Product Catalog
  • Real-time Facebook Posts

Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Native MPOP® Email Campaign Builder
  • Publish Instantly from Current Offers
  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly
  • CRM / Email Tool Agnostic
  • Campaign Analytics Tracking Included

Search Engine Optimization

  • Landing Pages Optimized with Search Engine Best Practices (SEO)
  • Dynamic Personalized Offers & Relevant Content
  • Model-Specific & Body-Style Pages Match User Intent
  • Vehicle & Service Offers Improve Conversions

Google Analytics Reporting

  • Reports Displayed in Google Data Studio
  • Integrated with Google Ads
  • Measures Hard vs Soft Conversions
  • Real-time & Transparent Results

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