Marketing Referral Program Rules

Updated 1/29/19


1)     Definitions

a)     Referral Program: “Marketing Referral Program” is herein after referred to as the “Referral Program”.

b)     Referred User: Someone who has been referred to Dealer Teamwork by a Qualified User. Referred users must specify in the onboarding process (demo, pricing, training, etc.) who they were referred by in order for the referral to be valid.

c)     Referred Account: A new Dealer Teamwork account, associated with the Referred User who has informed Dealer Teamwork of their referral by a Qualified User.

d)     Qualified User: Someone who meets all the following conditions who has referred a user or an account to Dealer Teamwork:

i)       An active member of an existing account with Dealer Teamwork at the time the referral was made.

ii)      Not a BMW-Shift Digital dealer.  (BMW-Shift Digital dealers are not eligible to participate in the Referral Program).

e)     Eligible Referral: A Referred Account qualifies as an Eligible Referral if all the following conditions are met:

i)       The Referred Account must sign up for at least one Dealer Teamwork product – qualification subject to change at any time.

ii)      The Referred Account informs Dealer Teamwork that they were referred by a Qualified User during the onboarding process.

iii)    The Referred User is not already employed or otherwise associated with another Qualified User or Referred Account.

iv)    The Referred Account is not already an existing Dealer Teamwork client.

v)     The first payment was received from the Referred Account by Dealer Teamwork.

vi)    The Referred User and the Qualified User do not work for the same company.

f)      Referral Credit:

i)       A one-time $500 credit to be issued to the Qualified User 30 days after the Eligible Account is activated and the first payment is received by Dealer Teamwork.


2)     Overview of Program

a)     To be an eligible participant of the Referral Program you must meet either of the following conditions:

i)       You are a Qualified User and the referral you make is deemed an Eligible Referral by Dealer Teamwork.

ii)      You are a Referred User and your Referred Account is deemed an Eligible Referral.

(a)   NOTE: Referred Users will not receive a $500 credit.

iii)    You are not affiliated with the BMW-Shift Digital marketing program.

b)     Qualified Users of the Referral Program will receive a one-time $500 credit per referral 30 days after the Referred Account is activated and the first payment is received by Dealer Teamwork.

c)     Qualified Users are responsible to verify that they have received the Referral Credit.

i)       If Qualified Users have not received the Referral Credit within 30 days, they may contact their Account Manager or other appropriate Dealer Teamwork representative.

d)     There is no limit to the number of referrals Qualified Users can make – subject to change at any time.



3)     Terms and Conditions

a)     Offer runs Jan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2019

b)     Offer subject to change at any time.

c)     Exclusions apply.

i)       Users or accounts associated with the BMW-Shift Digital marketing program are not eligible for this Referral Program.

ii)      Dealer Teamwork reserves the right to disqualify a dealer from this program at any time if said dealer violates any rules or conditions of the Referral Program.

d)     By taking part, Qualified Users will agree

i)       To comply with all applicable commercial and anti-kickback laws.

ii)      To only offer referrals to people they know.

iii)    Not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent, invasive or that may be considered spamming.  


For questions about these Official Program Rules or to see if you qualify, please contact Dealer Teamwork Sales. 


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