FordDirect AdVantage Case Studies

Brewster Ford drives more campaign ROI with the FordDirect AdVantage program


Reach more in-market shoppers & drive more sales opportunities from Google search campaigns.


Restructured Google Ads campaigns, keywords & ad content to accommodate utilization of Ford audience data.

Google Ads Search Campaign Results

Total leads are up & cost/lead is down YOY. Compared to an out-of-program Ford dealer with similar spend & campaign set up, Brewster’s leads are also higher & cost/lead is lower.

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↑ 134% More Leads YOY*

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↓ 53% Lower Cost/Lead YOY*

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$12.41 Cost/Lead Q4 2020

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↑ 136% More Leads vs out-of-program dealer**

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↓ 57% Lower Cost/Lead vs out-of-program dealer**

*Brewster in-program Q4 2020 vs Brewster out-of-program Q4 2019 **Brewster Q4 2020 vs out-of-program Ford dealer Q4 2020

Seasonality Trends

Chart showing higher trending leads and lower trending cost per lead for Brewster Ford

Lead volume is up YOY, Cost/Lead is down YOY
Red = In-Program

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