GMB Case Studies

Ford dealer optimizes to drive more conversions & local shoppers to their website


Reach more local shoppers, increase new website traffic, increase GMB discovery search visibility and improve tracking.


Optimize GMB listing for maximum local exposure, engagement opportunities and CTA tracking. Continuous profile management to drive more outcomes from GMB.

Google My Business Results

New website sessions and the total number of new website visitors improved. Conversions and CTA engagement increased.*

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13% More New Sessions

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↑ 18% More Click to Call Conversions

(via the website button)

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↑ 33% More Appointment Clicks

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↑ 45% More Appointment Clicks from New Users

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↑ 46% More Click to Call Conversions

(via the appointment link)

*7/1/20 – 9/21/20 vs 7/1/19 – 9/21/19

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