Sean Stapleton

CEO & Co-founder - DealerTeamwork

Learn how you can create your biggest competitive advantage using the Launch Control MPOP!

 I'll show you how relevant and specific content drives higher quality traffic and better conversions


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Here's your chance to learn from one of the industry's most respected executives - Sean Stapleton, CEO & Co-founder, DealerTeamwork LLC.

Discover how easy it is to create relevant, specific content and drives higher quality traffic and better conversions.

 The Most Important Software Demonstration You'll See in 2017!

You'll learn exactly what's needed to create highly effective and relevant marketing and drive more quality traffic and better conversions.

Launch Control helps you reduce your marketing budget, improve your processes, and build an efficient, relevant marketing strategy that attracts more in-market buyers. 


 What You'll Learn

    • How to find your dead-end marketing activities and see how they cost you sales opportunities! 
    • Know the importance of contextually relevant content that matches shoppers' intent - while understanding how car buyers are are actually shopping.
    • How to build an action plan that reduces marketing budgets and increases efficiency! 


Watch Sean explain how DealerTeamwork is solving today's marketing problems. 

DealerTeamwork makes it so easy to get our ads built and pushed to Google! We recently sold 37 and then 39 vehicles on back-to-back Saturdays as a result of the new vehicle offers built using the MPOP. Huge performance!
- Phil Nightingale - General Manager, Mel Hambelton Ford


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Satisfied Dealer Reviews Over 300 dealers trust Launch Control to help build relevant marketing campaigns.

"The Launch Control platform lets us respond faster to market changes in our PPC advertising. The simplicity of creating/updating pricing on ad units and the integration into our Adwords is seamless. DealerTeamwork constantly strives to move the needle forward and make a difference in this industry. With Launch Control they have done it."

Dara Moore
Digital Channel Manager
Rairdon Auto Group

"We've been using launch control for about 6 months now and I cannot believe how amazing the platform is. I can upload specials faster than ever before and it's allowing me to spend more quality time training my team and getting the most out of them."

Jeff Green
Internet/BDC Director
Thompson Organization

"It's taken only a short time to see results from our vehicle optimization strategies with DealerTeamwork. With the DealerTeamwork platform we are able to quickly deploy vehicle offers and landing pages that convert. DT as an excellent strategy, winning technology, and they move fast. It's fun to be a part of their innovative culture."

Alan Krutsch
Marketing Director
Apple Autos