Sonju Two Harbors Case Study

  500+ Internet Leads

Best month for Internet Leads EVER

  Sold 100% More Vehicles (Jeep Renegade)

Compared to 5 other local dealers

  Hit FCA Objective Within 15 days of New Period (RAM 1500)

Extra stair step funds of $28,000 for August, $35,950 for September

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Success Story

How Strategic Use of an Increased Marketing Budget Lead to an Increase in Sales


Sonju Two Harbors

Their Story

How Paid Search with Dealer Teamwork Lead to Increased Sales

For August 2017, Sonju Two Harbors received extra funds from the OEM to put towards Jeep Renegade and RAM 1500 campaigns. They made the strategic decision to put all of that money towards paid search and Gmail display campaigns.

They planned to make moves that would dominate Jeep Renegade and RAM 1500 sales in their region. They already had an optimized website, so all they had to do was make sure the offers on their pages were current, competitive and contained relevant transactional data. This, in addition to their conquest strategies, lead to one of their best sales months in years.

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The Problem

How to Earn Extra Stair Step Dollars with Increased Budget from the OEM

Sonju Two Harbors knew they needed to fish where the fish were, with the bait the fish wanted. Meaning, if 90% of all automotive purchases begin online, they should put their money towards proven digital marketing efforts. They needed to spend their extra Jeep Renegade and RAM 1500 budget as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Goal: Hit sales objectives to earn extra stair step funds and sell more cars than the competition.

Their Solution

An Aggressive Paid Search Conquest Campaign

Sonju Two Harbors invested the extra budget from the OEM in Paid Search campaigns through Dealer Teamwork. By utilizing Dealer Teamwork Paid Search campaigns, Sonju was able to implement strategies such as...

  • Increasing search radius and targeting other close, highly-populated cities with few dealerships
  • Adjusting bids accordingly
  • Adding display campaigns
  • Adding more model and trim-specific searches with keywords and transactional data
  • Sending traffic to model-specific, mobile-friendly landing pages
  • Optimizing the offers in their ads to the offers on those landing pages
  • Including compelling CTAs in their ads to drive traffic to their site

Sonju Two Harbors was able to implement these strategies using the following Dealer Teamwork products: 

These tools make it easy to have consistent offers across all linked marketing channels which results in a better online shopping experience for the customer.

"We received extra funds from the OEM to put towards Jeep Renegade and RAM 1500 campaigns. I knew if we wanted to conquest sales in our region, we had to fish where the fish are with the bait the fish want. That's why we made the strategic decision to put all the money towards Dealer Teamwork paid search campaigns. As the sales numbers show, these campaigns delivered the results, and I have the transparent Google Analytics and AdWords attribution data to prove it."

- Keith McKinzie, GM & Dealer Operator, Sonju Two Harbors

 Offers at different trim levels give your customers more options, which means more conversion opportunities.

Their Results

Significant Marketing Results Were Achieved Almost Instantly

For August 2017, Sonju used both display and text ads. By cutting wasteful marketing efforts, they increased sales for both Jeep Renegade and RAM 1500 models and obtain extra stair step funds by August 15th.

Jeep Renegade Campaign Results:

 Display CTR: 812.2% Higher Than Industry Average

3.74% vs. .41%

 Display CPC: $.40

 Text CTR: 124.3% Higher Than Industry Average

4.80% vs. 2.14%

 Text Ad CPC: $5.11

 1.3 Average Position

 Impression Share: 69.98% Increase

July 2017 vs. August 2017


RAM 1500 Campaign Results:

 Display CTR: 826.83% Higher Than Industry Average

3.80% vs. .41%

 Display CPC: $.48

 Text CTR: 166.36% Higher Than Industry Average

5.70% vs. 2.14%

 Text Ad CPC: $4.42

 1.4 Average Position

 Impression Share: 73.68% Increase

July 2017 vs. August 2017

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These results were achieved by following industry best practices.  Search engines state that successful paid search ads are specific, contain relevant transactional data and empower shoppers to take action.  See an example of such an ad below:

Keys to Success

The Right Digital Marketing Mix Executed Properly

When the right tools are used properly and online marketing efforts are optimized, search engine performance improves, there is more engagement and conversions via phone calls and lead submissions increase.  The following tools were crucial to Sonju's success:,

Dynamic and Responsive Landing Pages

Responsive, Model-Specific Landing Pages

Dynamic Paid Search

Dynamic Paid Search

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