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Did you know that video has been proven to improve customer engagement, time on site, and drive more leads?

Dealer Teamwork made it easy to add videos to dealers’ MPOP™ specials.

These can be used for model specific landing pages, general vehicle advertising, and service or parts video content. Video content is also great for customer testimonials, walk-around videos, and OEM videos.

    • 75% of car shoppers say they were influenced by video - Source: Think with Google
    • 40% of shoppers said video helped them discover a vehicle they weren’t aware of or considering - Source: Think with Google
    • Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% - Source: Unbounce
    • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process - Source: Hubspot
    • A whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days - Source: Hubspot
    • Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users - Source: SmallBizTrends
    • By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumers Internet Traffic - Source: SmallBizTrends
            We know that customers love video! Dealer Teamwork dealers see more benefits when adding videos to their offers.
              Ask your Google and Bing certified Account Team today for more information about adding videos to your MPOP™ specials!
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            Did you know that Dealer Teamwork has an extensive library of custom landing pages to feature your MPOP™ specials?

            Examples of the custom landing pages to feature your MPOP™ specials include: body style pages, Certified Pre-Owned Pages, Loaner Pages, Zero Down Lease Pages, on-make OEM pages and more.

            Custom content pages are also available. Pages with content for bad credit car loans and store event pages improve engagement, conversions and add SEO value. Custom pages also give dealers more options for landing targeted paid search traffic on within their website.

            Dealer Teamwork believes in content that delivers on the One-page, One-purpose philosophy. Ask your Google and Bing certified Account Team today for more custom landing page ideas to improve your website performance.

            Did you know that you can share MPOP™ offers to Facebook in four (4) clicks? In your MPOP™ dashboard:

            • Click MPOP™ in the navigation menu
            • Click Facebook Share
            • Select a vehicle from the list on the left
            • Edit the description field
            • Click Share on Facebook
            • Congratulations - your vehicle is posted to your Facebook business page!

            The Facebook Share feature lets you publish a post in just clicks. Posts will show your monthly payments and link directly to the vehicle landing pages.

            Dealers share Facebook posts via the MPOP™ see better post engagement, more website traffic and better accountability with the tracking links included with each post. Many dealers are seeing their Facebook posts as one of the top 10 sources of traffic to their websites. Dealers are also creating paid ads from these posts to drive even more traffic.

            Talk to your dedicated Dealer Teamwork Account Team to set up your FREE Facebook integration and learn more about Facebook Sharing best practices.

            Did you know the MPOP™ helps improve your website’s shopping experience?

            Here’s a Pro Tip! Link your homepage slides to the Dealer Teamwork landing pages. This makes it easier for shoppers to find your advertised offers in only one click!

            Let’s use this example: a Honda Accord is advertised with payments of either $309/mo, or $157/mo. Link directly to the model specific landing page with the same offer - don’t break the shopper’s trust by linking to a results page that doesn’t show the offer.

            Shoppers engage and convert more with pages showing offers. Other great places ideas include homepage calls to action, special event banners, and text links.

            Ask your Google and Bing certified Dealer Teamwork Account Team today to help review your home page and learn more about this best practice.

            Have a best practice tip you would like to share? Email us at - if we use your best practice tip we will send you a gift certificate!

            Did you know that Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP™ has a feature that builds email campaigns in as little as three (3) clicks?

            Create highly relevant email campaigns for your new vehicle offers, used car offers and service specials instantly. In your MPOP™ dashboard menu, select CRM/Email Campaign, then:

            • Click New or Used
            • Select vehicles to feature
            • Choose your settings (1-column vs 2-column; disclosure appearance)
            • Click Copy Code (Copies the content to your clipboard)
            • Paste the code into your CRM template. Congratulations - your email campaign is ready!

            The email content is responsive and looks great on any device. Show all your offers and link to MPOP™ pages. Your campaign messages are consistent and measurable. Improve your CRM follow-up efforts and increase appointment opportunities.

            Ready to send out an email campaign? Contact your dedicated Dealer Teamwork Account Team directly or at

            Our certified and trained team members will be happy to assist!

            Do you feel frustrated when merchandising your offers? Welcome to Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP™. Major advantages of the MPOP™ include:

            • Easy to use
            • Faster than anything you have ever seen
            • Unique to the automotive industry

            You can update prices, vehicle images or video content, and landing page content in a couple of clicks. Plus, your changes in the MPOP™ update your website content and paid search campaigns in real-time. Your content is also prepared for a new Facebook post or email campaign - fast!

            The speed-to-market from Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP™ gives you a real-time advantage over the competition.

            Ask your trusted Account team for more information about this best practice, or learn how our teams can help!

            If you have a best practice tip you would like to share, please email us at

            If we use your best practice tip, we will send you a gift certificate!

            Did you know that current Dealer Teamwork customers who see the most success with SEO and SEM have multiple offers for each make and model?

            Best practice is having at least one MPOP™ special for each make and model, and multiple offers for your top selling units.

            For example, a Ford dealer should have one special for each Ford model and multiple offers for the F-150, Edge, Explorer and so on.

            Even if you do not have a unit in inventory, the OEM offer is a great option to put up in its place. Talk to your account team today to learn more about this best practice and for further details.

            Did you know that Dealer Teamwork has a partnership with UnityWorks? They’re the best-in-class online video advertising company in automotive! Why is this important? Videos help influence shoppers, help with research and drive more showroom traffic.

            • 75% of shoppers are influenced by video
            • 40% of shoppers use video for research
            • 60% of shoppers went to a dealerships after seeing a video of a vehicle

            This partnership offers you a FREE 30-day trial of their VIN Video Product. UnityWorks’ New & Used VIN Videos showcase the value of your Inventory with compelling video content ranked by the vehicle’s most saleable features.

            How does it work? A stitched video is made for each vehicle from your current inventory, and Dealer Teamwork’s technology pull all available video links into the MPOP™. All you have to do is click, and the video is added to your MPOP™ specials. This saves you time, drives more engagements and converts more sales opportunities.

            To learn more about this FREE, 30-day trial, please contact us or check with your Google and Bing certified account team to learn more.