Are your website and ads properly optimized for search engines?

Get your complimentary website and marketing audit to see if your landing pages and ads are optimized to rank highly in paid and organic search. We will help you evaluate your SEO and SEM and show you what you are doing well and areas for improvement. Learn how to set your website up for success to drive more sales opportunities through online efforts.

Where does your website stand?

Personalized Website and Marketing Audit from Dealer Teamwork

Our personalized website audit is designed to help dealerships understand what items they can fix immediately without the need for complicated technical solutions. Having an optimized website that is optimized to rank highly and convert higher quality traffic doesn’t have to be difficult. This audit will help you answer the following questions:

How well does my site rank organically?

Are my paid search ads optimized for engagement?

Are my landing pages optimized for conversion and usability?

Does my website answer the shopper’s question each step of the buying process?

What you can expect?

Reviewing your Dealer Teamwork Website and Marketing Audit

After we compile your website audit, one of our digital marketing experts will reach out to walk through the audit. The goal of these recommendations is to determine what you can reasonably fix without advanced technical solutions and learn what you may need and expert’s assistance to improve. We hope you walk away with confidence that these edits will help your dealerships bottom line by:

  Increasing quality of traffic and lead conversions

Improving organic ranking and quality of landing page content

Guiding you to create more targeted, relevant and quality paid search advertisements

Increasing productivity of your marketing processes

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