What is an MPOP™?

A Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform

Here at Dealer Teamwork, we make digital marketing easy to understand and use. That is why we engineered and patented what we call an MPOP™. It was made so that users could merchandise, personalize and optimize their products and services for search engines and social media easier and faster than ever before.

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Dealer Teamwork MPOPâ„¢ diagram.


  100% Control of Your Marketing Messaging

Cross-channel, Real-Time updates

The MPOP™ is a centralized content distribution platform. By hooking your inventory feed and your digital marketing channels up to the MPOP™, it allows you to merchandise your inventory and create special offers.

The power of the MPOP™ is that those offers are then pushed to all your linked marketing channels with one convenient tool. Linked digital marketing channels include your website and landing pages, paid search, social media and email.  If you ever need to update those offers, you only need to change it once in the MPOP™, and it updates all your linked marketing channels in real-time.



 The Right Message Is Finally in The Right Place at the Right Time


Stop wasting your money on outdated marketing tactics. With the MPOP™, managing your entire approach to digital marketing is inherently easier and faster.

Rather than chasing down the latest monthly offers or waiting on third parties to update your advertising, you can now control it from one, central location. What's more, the Specials Quality Score feature guides you throughout the merchandising process to ensure your messaging is relevant, targeted and optimized for conversion.

Get more in-market buyers to see your cars, drive more clicks and improve conversions. That's what matters.


DealerTeamwork MPOPâ„¢ Used Cars Specials Dashboard

Proven. Revolutionary. Trusted. See why dealers trust the MPOP™ to find new customers.

"We love how the MPOP™ has made it so easy to create an offer and push the info to our website's pages and to our paid search campaigns! The email marketing tool is also very easy to use. I have yet to see any technology that can do what Dealer Teamwork has created. Now our paid search campaigns include the national offers and pricing instantly!"

Robert Sabbagh
General Manager
BMW of Cincinnati North

"We have used the MPOP™ since the beginning, it's the complete SEO/SEM solution for us. I can't stress how important it for us to create an offer, push that offer to our paid ads and bring the buyer to a page with the exact offer and a bunch of other great information too! I have been asking for a solution like this forever and now we have it. It's crazy to think someone wouldn't want a solution like this!"

Jereme Erlandson
Internet Director
Bertera Nissan

"Nothing compares to the MPOP™! I like how simple it is to fill in the offer information in a professional and attractive manner. It looks like I spent hours on something that took minutes. I also like that I can see Dealer Teamwork expanding and progressing every day. I know that if I ever ran into an issue, someone would be answering my call to fix it."

Thomas Eggers
Internet Director
Nyle Maxwell Supercenter

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